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Shaquille O’Neal admits turning down Wheaties endorsement twice after 2000 championship


When Shaquille O’Neal won his first NBA championship in 2000, he was literally on top of the world. Apart from achieving what every basketball player dreams of, O’Neal got a host of endorsement deals. The famous breakfast cereal brand Wheaties was one of those who approached him. Unfortunately, the big man declined simply because he doesn’t eat Wheaties.

Per Business Insider, the NBA legend shared that Wheaties actually approached him twice. He declined both times noting that he only endorses the products he uses and firmly believes in. In fact, he doesn’t view it as endorsements, but rather, as partnerships.

O’Neal is definitely one of the most prominent figures not just in sports, but in pop culture as well. Turn on your TV and sooner or later, you’re bound to see either a Shaq commercial or a TV guesting. Drive around the city and you’ll definitely come across a giant billboard of him.

The iconic NBA center is one of those rare gems who possess natural abilities in sports and business. Every basketball fan knows how dominant he was in his playing days. But off the court, Shaq possessed a very pleasant and entertaining personality. He’s pretty much a goofball in the locker room. He loves to joke around, laugh, dance, and all the good stuff.

And the combination of all these things has made him the number one target of various brands. As he cleared up, he has very strict and simple standards before saying yes. He has to firmly believe in the brand and what it stands for.