Another day, another game of the NBA Playoffs. Unfortunately, another incident has occurred involving a fan in Game 4 versus the Philadelphia 76ers and Washington Wizards. This time, a fan ran onto the court before being leveled by officers and quickly taken out from the arena.

Seriously, what is going on lately with the fans? Thankfully, security tackled the fan before he could do any damage but it still isn't a good sign after everything that has taken place. The NBA Playoffs have been overshadowed by fan incidents and it is just the first round.

The fan was trying to touch the rim, who knows. The security guards reacted quickly and tackled the fan on the court.

It's been a wild couple of weeks in the NBA Playoffs. Russell Westbrook got popcorn thrown on him, Ja Morant's family received insulting remarks at a Utah Jazz game, Kyrie Irving had a water bottle thrown at his head, and Trae Young was spat on in Madison Square Garden.

All of those incidents have occurred during the first round, and it's really unfortunate that the fans continue to act like this, especially after a full season and a full playoff run without fans after last year's COVID-19 pandemic.

The fan who threw a water bottle at Irving was arrested and permanently banned from TD Garden, and the other fans were also dealt with in their respective arenas and cities. As for this latest incident, it is just another bump in the road and the NBA has to do something in an effort to protect the players and crackdown on ruthless fan behavior.