There are a lot of signs that point to the end of the Golden State Warriors dynasty. The Steve Kerr and Stephen Curry-led squad's failure to get into the NBA Playoffs was a big signifier of the historic collapse. Another is the significant drop in Klay Thompson's production which led to his benching in favor of starting Brandin Podziemski. The latter could be a big issue when it comes to keeping the splash brothers intact.

Before the Warriors became a dynasty, they were known for having the Splash brothers. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were able to lift this squad up from the depths of non-contention into being champions. Now, it looks like the shooting guard's departure might loom over them given his current contract situation.

Klay Thompson was offered a $48 million extension before the start of this season. The Warriors shooting guard reportedly turned it down and is likely going to explore his options. Brian Windhorst gave his insight regarding this situation. He even outlined how he could be wanting more than what his production states he deserves, via The Pat McAfee Show.

Remember last year like Klay was getting benched at the end of games, he lost his starting job at some point. So part of this may be, and again, I do not know exactly, I’ve been covering the finals, I do not know exactly the status of negotiations, but part of this may be what’s the role going to be. Like I want to get starter money, than I want to be a starter. You know something like that.

Steve Kerr and the Warriors looked like they were getting prime Klay Thompson back. This came after he was relegated to the bench. His first game saw him pop off for seven three-pointers against the Utah Jazz. He also hit a season-high 35 points but then his production was not the same since.

Klay Thompson's Warriors departure is nearing?

Apr 16, 2024; Sacramento, California, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson (11) sits on the bench during action against the Sacramento Kings in the fourth quarter during a play-in game of the 2024 NBA playoffs at the Golden 1 Center. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports
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Despite Brandin Podziemski only averaging nine points per game, there is a lot of doubt about the Warriors' willingness to give Thompson his starting slot back.

Windy was then not just concerned about the role and contract dispute. Rather, he even outlined how the Warriors could see their second-best shooter in franchise history practically walk for nothing. This became especially concerning since Thompson unfollowed his fellow Warriors teammate on social media.

It’s definitely a signal to the rest of the world he knew exactly what he was doing, that things are not going well, and if I was interested in signing Klay, which there are teams that definitely want to do that, I would've seen that as a green light.

There are a lot of things that the Warriors need to patch up in this offseason if they want to keep Thompson. If ever they do not, they also have to try and keep Stephen Curry satisfied with the production of the rest of the Warriors. It is not yet the end of the team but this definitely signals the start of their collapse. Hopefully, Steve Kerr and the front office find a way to make it last just a tad bit longer.