Have we seen the last of Lonzo Ball in the NBA? According to the recent rumors making the buzz around league circles, that could be the case as the Chicago Bulls guard continues to deal with his injury woes.

Ball has been dealing with a knee injury the past season and half. He played only 35 games in 2021-22 before going down with a torn meniscus in his left knee. He underwent a couple of surgeries to address the issue, but while there were expectations he would be able to return at some point in the 2022-23 campaign, that didn't happen. Lonzo missed all of the past season, sparking concerns about his real condition.

Last March, Ball underwent a third surgery in hopes of finally fixing his knee injury. He had cartilage transplant surgery, which the Bulls hope can give the playmaker a pathway to full recovery and to playing again.

In a rather harsh update, however, it has been rumored that some within the Bulls organization have fears that Ball's playing career is over, per Dan Bernstein of 670 The Score.

“The Chicago Bulls privately don't think that it’s likely Lonzo Ball will ever play again,” Daniel Greenberg tweeted, relaying the information that Bernstein shared on the Organizations Win Championship Podcast.

The Bulls have yet to respond to these latest rumors about Lonzo Ball's injury status. While there is probably more to the story, it's not hard to see where all the talks started. Considering Ball's inability to return, it's not surprising to hear that some within the franchise has such thoughts.

Here's to hoping that Ball will be able to bounce back and return to playing once again, though. He has too much talent and it will be heartbreaking to see it wasted because of injuries.