The Indiana Pacers have shocked much of their competition by playing sensational basketball during the NBA's initial In-Season Tournament, and the team's confidence level has improved as a result of going undefeated in 6 games. Once the tournament is complete, the Pacers will get back to the regular season, and ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting the Pacers are pursing a two-way player to help rising star Tyrese Haliburton.

“What Tyrese Haliburton is doing for the organization is allowing their president Kevin Pritchard to try to find his ‘Robin.” They know Haliburton is a ‘Batman' and they want to find a big, athletic 2-way player to pair with him.”

Wojnarowski said the Pacers are willing to give up draft picks to find that kind of player, even if the player they acquire is a coming free agent. He said the emergence of Haliburton makes Indiana an attractive destination for NBA players, and that the Pacers believe they could keep pending free agents in the fold.

Haliburton amplified on Wojnarowski's point when he spoke to The Ringer.

“I play a style of basketball that people want to play,” Tyrese Haliburton said. “I think that's part of the reason why they signed me to the deal they signed me to. I've got long-term stability here because they know that I can help bring people here — not only with who I am as a basketball player, but who I am as a person.”

The Pacers will try to earn the championship Saturday when they face the Los Angeles Lakers in the title game of the In-Season Tournament.