Victor Wembanyama has taken the NBA world by storm ever since the San Antonio Spurs officially made him the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. However, rumors around the NBA are swirling that some ‘team officials' believe the Spurs will ‘regret' taking Wembanyama over Scoot Henderson, reports Sports Illustrated's Jeff Smith.

“Speaking of Portland, Scoot Henderson played just 21 minutes in the Blazers’ Summer League opener, but opinions of him among the NBA decision-makers that I talked with are sky high. In talking to execs about Henderson/Brandon Miller—two players whose careers will be forever intertwined—a couple of team officials wondered whether San Antonio would regret passing on Henderson down the line. High praise considering who the Spurs walked away with.”

This is an absolutely massive take given how much hype surrounds Victor Wembanyama; if Scoot Henderson actually turns out to be a better NBA player than Wemby, then the misses from people around the league will certainly not just be emanating from the Spurs organization.

Henderson might have played well to start NBA Summer League, but it is a bit ambitious to already swing the pendulum in his favor in terms of who will have a better career between him and Wembanyama. There is no doubt that the Spurs specifically are very happy with their pick; it would take a lot of surprise to see the Spurs wishing they didn't select Wembanyama anytime in the near future.

Nevertheless, debates over the top of the 2023 NBA Draft will be interesting fodder until the careers of both Henderson and Wembanyama start to take shape. Both players will hope to get off to a quick start once the NBA season begins this fall, in turn silencing any rumors that might be going around in the meantime.