NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Predicting the winner and more
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NBA Slam Dunk Contest

NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Predicting the winner

NBA fans immediately think of two things when it comes to the All-Star Weekend: the All-Star Game and the Slam Dunk Contest. The thrills and spills fans get from the spectacle makes it one of the must-watch events during the three-day celebration of excellence.

The participants of the 2020 contest are a mix of old and new. Some of the contestants will be making their appearance for the first time while others are familiar faces to the contest. This mix of talent will make for one of the more fascinating contests fans will see yet.

Here are some of the favorites to win the coveted title of league’s best dunker:

Aaron Gordon, Orlando Magic

Everyone who watched Air Gordon’s memorable duel with Zach LaVine was thrilled when they learned of his return to the contest. The grace and power that he showcased during the contest was breathtaking. His under-the-leg slam was iconic.

The fact that he’s participating in this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest will make this year a compelling watch. Fans will be waiting with bated breath what dunks he will be doing.

Pat Connaughton, Milwaukee Bucks

Connaughton may be one name that will take a lot of hoops fans by surprise, but he definitely has the hops to make some very eye-catching dunks. Unlike Gordon, the Milwaukee guard is more of a graceful flyer.

If Connaughton will win this contest, he may have to pull off a Brent Barry.

Derrick Jones Jr., Miami Heat

Jones is another high-flyer who can slam it down with authority down low. He’s shown incredible hops this season, making an already-exciting Miami Heat team even more entertaining to watch. His putbacks and alley-oops make him a very entertaining dunker to watch.

He has as much of a chance as anyone to make it into the final. However, he will have to put on one tantalizing show if he hopes to beat the final contestant in the list.

Dwight Howard, Los Angeles Lakers

Howard’s feel-good resurgence into a relevant player in the NBA isn’t only limited to his on-court production: his dunks have returned to the level where it’s exciting to see him play ball once again. His leaner frame allows him to put in slams with authority that set the Staples Center on fire.

He may pull off a throwback to his Superman era, but fans will just be happy to see him back on the contest once more.


It’s going to be interesting to see who will win this contest as all four of them have good shots at nabbing the crown. However, Aaron Gordon is the heavy favorite to win due to his incredible performance against LaVine four years ago.

It will be up to the other three to outdunk Gordon as it is currently his title to lose.