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NBA on TNT uses Uncle Drew gif to poke fun at Celtics-Cavs trade

kyrie irving, celtics

On the verge of a deal being finalized between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics, NBA on TNT’s Twitter wasn’t short of jokes when it comes to the ongoing back-and-forth on the search for the right terms.

While Kyrie Irving is the centerpiece from which this entire trade was even a conversation, the tension deriving from the health of returning piece Isaiah Thomas an his injured hip has kept both teams on their toes, while some are seemingly growing old like Irving’s alter ego Uncle Drew.

It’s been four days since the Cavs reportedly sought to get additional pieces in exchange for Irving while other sources denied any interaction even taking place between the two teams.

Both teams have a soft deadline to finalize the deal today, but can extend it if necessary to work out further details or any potential compensation.

Thomas suffered a hip injury that has kept the Cavs concerned for his availability, with some close to the situation even considering this to be a slow-healing injury that can cost him the majority of the season.

This ongoing doubt was also considered to be a potential negotiating strategy by the Cavs to milk this deal even further.

Regardless of the real reason of how this came, fans of each respective team are growing as old as Uncle Drew with anticipation, waiting on a final resolution.