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NBA Top Shot: Collector Scores explained

Dwyane Wade, NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot has officially rolled out a Collector Score – the website’s newest way to determine how much of a true collector every single user is. This newest rewards program is still in its experimental stage but the website is hoping that this new points system will make pack drop eligibility requirements more flexible and accessible for all its users.

The initial roll-out of Top Shot’s Collector Score goes hand-in-hand with a Rare pack drop coming on Monday (May 9) with the return of the Throwdowns Set in Series 2. For this drop, users with a Collector Score of 220 or higher will get a chance to queue and grab one of over 75,000 Rare packs featuring this season’s best dunk Moments.


As always, expect that the Collector Score requirement for upcoming pack drops might change to keep each user on their toes.

The Collector Score is Top Shot’s new way to add utility to its Moments. Aside from simply purchasing and acquiring Moments you love, having a diverse collection of these NFTs will enable your account to participate in future pack drops such as Monday’s Throwdowns Pack. In a nutshell, having more Moments will give you access to bigger, more scarce packs.

Instead of requiring users to have a certain number of Moments prior to a pack drop, this new system actually makes it easier for collectors to be eligible for coming drops as certain Moments now have their own corresponding point tally. With this new incentive feature, it’s now completely up to the users how they want to achieve a certain Collector Score. Here’s a breakdown of how the Collector Score is currently being counted:

Series 1 Moments

  • Common (Base Set): 25 points
  • Common (Non-Base Set): 40 points
  • Rare: 100 points
  • Legendary: 2000 points

Series 1 Challenge Rewards

  • Common (Base Set): 37 points
  • Common (Non-Base Set): 60 points
  • Rare: 150 points
  • Legendary: 3000 points

Series 2 Moments

  • Common (Base Set): 12 points
  • Common (Promo*): 10 points
  • Common (Non-Base Set): 20 points
  • Rare: 80 points
  • Legendary: 1000 points

*Promo Moments are Moments earned by collectors (example: The Gift)

Series 2 Challenge Rewards

  • Common (Base Set): 18 points
  • Common (Promo) Challenge Reward 15 points
  • Common (Non-Base Set): 30 points
  • Rare: 120 points
  • Legendary: 1500 points

The Collector Score system further incentivizes collectors in acquiring Moments that they want since each of their Moments will have a corresponding point tally. Obviously, having different Moments from different sets and series will give you different scores but this new set up allows you to grow your collection according to your own preference. Basically, you build a collection how you want to and your personal strategy will reward you accordingly. If you want to reach a Collector Score of 1,000 and purchasing an S2 Legendary Moment is too much, then you can simply stack on a ton of more affordable Common and Rare Moments to get to that score.

As mentioned earlier, this is the website’s first version given that it is still in beta (believe it or not) so expect that a few tweaks will be done moving forward. If you want to make sure you have access to future drops, it’s probably safe to just keep collecting Moments and use this current point system as your guide. Top Shot also mentioned that they are anticipating more layers in which users can increase their Collector Score through bonuses for completing sets, Baller Status, and even stacking certain Moments.

How’s your Collector Score looking?