The Philadelphia 76ers' saga with Ben Simmons has engulfed the basketball landscape. Ironically enough, Simmons' lack of interest in playing for the Sixers this year has coincided with James Harden's frustrations with the Brooklyn Nets. Both of those less-than-ideal situations have made the Nets and Sixers compatible trade partners, though little has occurred on the trade market. Until now. Per Shams Charania of The Athletic, the latest NBA trade rumors reveal that the Nets are now open to a Harden-Simmons deal with the Sixers ahead of the deadline.

This is quite the twist, as it seemed like James Harden was committed to remaining with the Nets. These NBA trade rumors seem to indicate that Harden's frustration with Brooklyn and the Sixers' unwillingness to deal with Simmons' antics anymore has created the perfect trade storm.

Of course, these NBA trade rumors don't mean that a deal is definitely happening, but the fact that the Nets and Sixers are even willing to discuss a Harden-Simmons deal shows just how drastic both situations have become.

At this point, the Sixers would likely be open to anything close to an All-Star player in return for Simmons, so the possibility of securing Harden in a potential trade with the Nets would be a like a dream come true.

It will be interesting to see how talks progress between the Nets and Sixers on a James Harden-Ben Simmons trade with the deadline looming on February 10.