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Patrick Beverley mocks Kevin Durant during Warriors-Clippers Game 1

Patrick Beverley, Kevin Durant, Clippers, Warriors

Patrick Beverley is who he is. That’s all one can say after the antagonistic guard of the Los Angeles Clippers did his thing against Kevin Durant on Saturday night in Game 1 of the NBA Western Conference quarterfinal series versus the Golden State Warriors.

Golden State might have controlled the play in a 121-104 win, but that — much like the Warriors’ status as the massive favorite in the series — wasn’t going to prevent the combative Beverley from making his feelings known.

Observe what Beverley did in the face of Kevin Durant and the two-time defending champion Warriors, who began their last playoff journey in Oakland’s Oracle Arena before the franchise moves to San Francisco’s Chase Center next season:

Beverley is a well-known figure in professional basketball circles, having been in the NBA for a decade — he was drafted in 2009. Beyond his familiarity with other players and coaches, Beverley is a recognized persona because he fits so neatly into a specific role: pot-stirrer.

You know who Beverley is as a Clipper and a former Houston Rocket, but you also know that in a larger context, Beverley is an irritant, the kind of player just about every playoff team has.

Danny Ainge with the Boston Celtics. Dennis Rodman with various teams. Bruce Bowen with the San Antonio Spurs in the first decade of this century. Draymond Green with the Warriors. These are the kinds of players teams love to have in their corner, and hate to see on the opposition.

Beverley and the Clippers might have been outgunned by Kevin Durant and Golden State in Game 1 on Saturday, but if anyone on the Los Angeles roster won’t be deterred in his attempt to get in the Warriors’ faces and raise hell, it’s Patrick Beverley. As this series continues, Beverley’s energy and ferocity will not wane — of that, one can be sure.