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Nuggets' Jamal Murray with a thought bubble containing image of Tony Allen shouting first-team all defense, with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Nikola Jokic, and Aaron Gordon looking at Murray, all smiling

Even though they’ve been without Jamal Murray for the past few weeks due to a hamstring injury, the Denver Nuggets have been finding ways to tally victories, thanks in large part to the MVP-caliber efforts of Nikola Jokic. But on Monday night, with Jokic exiting the game in the first half of the Nuggets’ contest […]

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Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in front of his mansion.
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope of the Nuggets roasting the Lakers after beating them in the playoffs last year
Christian Braun and Kenatvious Caldwell-Pope with Nuggets arena behind them
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Aaron Gordon, Michael Porter Jr, Denver Nuggets
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Kentavius Caldwell-Pope, LeBron James, Nikola Jokic, Nuggets, Lakers
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Denver Nuggets, Michael Porter Jr., Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Raising Cane's
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Nuggets, Nikola Jokic
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Nuggets, NBA Finals, Heat
Nikola Jokic, Nuggets
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, NBA Finals, Michael Porter Jr., Denver Nuggets
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Michael Porter Jr, Denver Nuggets
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets, NBA Finals
Denver Nuggets, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, NBA Finals
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Denver Nuggets
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Aaron Gordon, Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat, NBA Finals
Kentavious-Caldwell Pope, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Lakers
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