The Fullerton Titans take on the Texas A&M Aggies in the NCAA Baseball Tournament. Our NCAA baseball odds series has our Fullerton Texas A&M prediction and pick. Find out how to watch Fullerton Texas A&M.

This is the second game on Friday at the Stanford Regional. Stanford is hosting San Jose State in the first game. At the time of publication, the Cardinal lead the Spartans. If Stanford holds on, the winner of this game will face the Cardinal on Saturday in the winners' bracket game. The loser would face San Jose State in an elimination game on Saturday. Stanford is the top seed in this four-team regional. A&M is seeded second, Fullerton third.

Here are the Fullerton-Texas A&M College Baseball odds, courtesy of FanDuel. 

NCAA Baseball Odds: Fullerton-Texas A&M Odds

Fullerton Titans: +1.5 (-130)

Texas A&M Aggies: -1.5 (+100)

Money Line:

Fullerton: +154

Texas A&M: -200

How To Watch Fullerton vs. Texas A&M


Stream: ESPN+

Time: 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT

*Watch Fullerton-Texas A&M LIVE on fuboTV (click for a free trial)*

Why Fullerton Could Cover The Spread

The main argument for Cal State Fullerton in this game is that Texas A&M is a fundamentally overrated, overvalued team which just happened to get hot at the SEC Tournament. Texas A&M was the 10th-place team in the SEC this season. It's true that the SEC is a very good and very deep league, but it remains that A&M did finish 10th. That's not particularly convincing. The Aggies did make the SEC Tournament final before losing to Vanderbilt in the championship game, but that one run might lead a lot of people to think that the Aggies are better than they actually are.

Keep in mind that A&M is favored in this game. If Fullerton loses by one run, it still covers the spread. This certainly feels like a spot in which the SEC team, despite carrying the big brand name associated with the conference, is getting more credit than it actually deserves. Fullerton is ready to spring an ambush.

Why Texas A&M Could Cover The Spread

The Aggies reached the SEC Tournament in an impressive way. What do we mean by that? They won with their pitching. They didn't win a ton of 12-10 games. They held opponents to four runs or fewer in four of the six games they played. They won a couple of shutouts and won a 5-4 game as well. That's legitimately good and tough baseball. It's not as though A&M had some lucky games in which it needed some great bounces. The Aggies simply contained their opponents, and if they can pitch well versus SEC competition, they can certainly pitch well versus Cal State Fullerton.

Plenty of people will say that Texas A&M is benefiting from the SEC's brand name and reputation, but A&M showed in the SEC Tournament that it can play well and win against that same robust SEC competition. The Aggies were able to stack together well-pitched ballgames. They did not win most of their games by large scoring margins. They were throw into high-pressure, high-leverage situations and kept facing those moments with great poise. That's a good team, and that's a team ready to shine in the postseason.

Final Fullerton-Texas A&M Prediction & Pick

The SEC brand name seems to be reflexively attached to A&M, and the betting line seems to be a reflection of the public's belief that the SEC team will win here. That doesn't seem to match the reality of how good these teams are. Take Fullerton plus the run and a half.

Final Fullerton-Texas A&M Prediction & Pick: Fullerton +1.5