There was some NCAA basketball history that was made on Tuesday night down in Arkansas when the number one ranked Auburn tigers (22-2), strolled into the home of the Arkansas Razorbacks (19-5), and left with twice as many losses as they came in with. The 80-76 overtime victory was the first time that the Razorbacks have beaten a number one ranked team since 1984. The moment was not lost on the Arkansas faithful, as they were brimming with so much excitement from the victory that they stormed the court and this is what ensued:

Luckily, no one was hurt (that we know of) and hopefully all of these people were vaccinated and are not putting others in jeopardy. But, if I can get down off of my soapbox and dig into the numbers of the huge win for the Razorbacks, you can see one player was not going to be denied and absolutely carried Arkansas in the scoring department. JD Notae had 28 points in the game, which is more than Arkansas' next two top scorers for the game…combined!

The former transfer from the University of Jacksonville is averaging 18.7 points per game on the year, up from the 12.8 that he had averaged in his first season with the Razorbacks in 2020-21. Notae is also the leading scorer in the entire SEC and has led his team on a current ten-game winning streak, all in conference play. Up next for the Razorbacks as they try to make it eleven in a row is a date at the Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday.