Ben Simmons has had a very difficult last couple of seasons. Some of it may have been by his making. Nevertheless, he continues to face difficult questions. Prior to Tuesday's game against the Sacramento Kings, Simmons was put in a tough spot again.

Simmons was asked whether he's feeling the pressure to perform more so with Kyrie Irving out of the lineup. As New York Post writer Brian Lewis noted, Ben Simmons has had about enough of the questions.

“I always have pressure on me. Everything I do. It’s just like when does it max out, you know? There’s got to be some point where it’s just like, fu-k. It is what it is at this point. I realize that,” Simmons responded.

Tuesday night will mark the seventh game for the Nets that Irving has missed due to his suspension. The first handful of those games, Simmons played huge minutes. He has not scored the ball much, but he did a little bit of everything, which is what he's always been known for.

Simmons averaged seven rebounds, seven assists and two steals per game the first three without Irving. However, over the last three, he has seen his playing time cut significantly as the pressure continues to mount. He logged a season-low 14 minutes in the Nets win over the Clippers Saturday. That came after playing just 16 minutes a couple games prior vs. the Mavericks.

Despite Irving being out and Simmons struggling to score, the Nets have won four of six and climbed back into relevancy.