With the 27th pick in the 2021 NBA draft, the Brooklyn Nets select… Cam Thomas, guard, LSU. Apparently, Kevin Durant had something to do with that selection too. That same Bleacher Report article hints Kevin Durant, who is still out with a sprained MCL in his knee, also pushed his team not to trade Thomas at the deadline. Well score one for GM, KD.

Cam Thomas helped seal a monster 28 point comeback vs. the local rival New York Knicks. Thomas finished with a team high 21 points.

In a battle the Nets were painfully shorthanded, Thomas had ice water in his veins at Madison Square Garden, and even sent James Dolan home early.He did so in front of a national ESPN broadcast as well.

Thomas also caught our attention by bringing up a certain narrative. Now we hadn't really heard this one, so stop us if you have. But Thomas says there's a narrative swirling around that he can't pass?

“That's kind of the narrative that's out there that's trash, saying that I can't pass. I could always pass, but it was just what my team needs. I have LaMarcus Aldridge in the midrange wide open, they're doubling me, they're leaving him open like, who not gonna pass it to him? He's like number one midrange shooter in the league. That narrative needs to stop, I feel like,” Thomas said.

You heard the man. If you're the one going around saying Cam Thomas is a trash passer, you need to get up to speed, and quick. Just ask Tom Thibodeau's Knicks who may have thought a hard blitz would rattle the LSU product.

It's not a bad idea to pass to LaMarcus Aldridge, like Thomas says. These two absolutely lit it up in that fourth period totaling 27 between them in the 111-106 comeback victory. Chants of “Brooklyn” rained down from all around the most famous arena, emanating the loudest from section 227.

The Nets found themselves in a massive 28 point hole. But former Sixer Seth Curry, who finished with 20 points and 6 dimes, on 6 of 9 from deep, said his new head coach helped them all get on the right page at the half and gear up for the monster rally.

“Steve was just saying, if we come out and play the right way, we'll have a chance, but more than that, it's just about establishing our style of basketball, establishing who we're gonna be as a team. And it wasn't really about winning or losing it was about our mindset going out there in that second half and how we were gonna play,” Curry said.

So here's a clip of Cam Thomas drawing two. Quentin Grimes, a very promising young 3-n-d player for the Knicks and versatile big Mitchell Robinson both trap Thomas who makes the right read and swings it to Aldridge. LA was open in his office at 20 feet. Then you already know what happens then. LaAutomatic:

So if you hear anyone running this “trash” narrative do Mr. Thomas a favor and just show them the clip. And ask them who wouldn't pass to LaAutomatic in that spot?

Aldridge is 45th on the all-time NBA scoring leader list and he's just 25 points away from tying number 44, Mitch Richmond.  Keep your eyes peeled for that game in the near future when Aldridge climbs another rung on the all-time list. Who knows maybe Cam can throw him the key dime to break Richmond's record.

The Nets are still in 8th place in the East and they have some ground to make up.

At 31-27 their strong suit isn't their record right now. If the playoffs were today, they'd be in the Play-In visiting the Toronto Raptors. And that would mean no Kyrie Irving, who is ineligible to play in Canada given the Country's vaccination rules. Teams like the Knicks and Raps would both pose problems for Irving there if nothing were to change. But it kind of sounds like something might change before then. 

But this team is playing some of their most inspired ball of the year, following some newfound post trade deadline positivity and vibes.

Sure, they don't have KD, Simmons and Irving (full-time) in the lineup yet. And sure, we know we've been saying stuff like this all season, but if that ever happens, watch out. But the most exciting thing tonight is that Cam Thomas looks like he has a very bright future and may have carved out a playoff rotation spot for himself. If so, you can bet he'll be doing some scoring and some passing. So make like James Dolan and go home with your trash narratives.