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Nets’ James Harden passes Clyde Drexler on all-time scoring leaderboard

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As a former Houston Rocket great, James Harden definitely knows who Clyde Drexler is–and today, the Brooklyn Net had a chance to pass him on the all-time scoring list. Drexler spent the majority of his career with Portland but helped the Rockets to their only championships in the final years of his career. Up until today, he was 32nd on the NBA’s all-time scoring list, getting passed by Harden in the second quarter of Friday night’s matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers.


Harden is not going to finish his career as number 32, however, as he is destined for a top-15 finish on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. The rules of the NBA are geared toward the offensive player, and although the league has taken measures to eliminate a big part of Harden’s game, (initiating contact to draw fouls), he is still one of the elite scorers in the NBA today.

Next up on the list for Harden to pass up is hall-of-famer Elgin Baylor and future hall-of-famer Dwayne Wade. You can probably guess where we’re going with that…Harden is on a hall-of-fame trajectory and the only thing standing in his way of securing his NBA legacy is a ring. he knows that, it is why he is not really taking any drama when it comes to his Nets teammate Kyrie Irving and his COVID-19 vaccine drama. Harden knows this is his best chance to win that ring and secure his legacy as not only one of the best scorers in NBA history but one of the better players as well. He’s ready to do that with or without Kyrie.