The Brooklyn Nets are seen be many as the frontrunner for the NBA title this season. It's hard to argue against their current collection of stars. When you have Kevin Durant at the top, you're automatically pretty good. But they've still kept themselves busy by chasing even more talent this offseason. The Nets were mentioned as one of the teams gunning for the services of 4-time All-Star Paul Millsap.

Reports from the past few days have put a damper on that possibility, with Millsap's wants not necessarily matching the opportunities the Nets can offer. Millsap reportedly wants two things: (1) mid-level exception money and (2) a legitimate role on the team he joins.

Asked if there was any substance to the Millsap-to-Nets buzz that sprouted, Nets reporter Alex Schiffer of The Athletic didn't sound optimistic:

It doesn’t appear so. According to Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer, Millsap is looking for midlevel exception money (roughly $6 million a year) and the Nets don’t have anything beyond the minimum to offer him. Fischer also reports that Millsap is looking for a legitimate role on a contender, and I don’t think he’d have that in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Nets may strike out on Paul Millsap, but they already have the piece in place to make some serious noise. You don't have to win every battle to win the war, after all.