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Nets’ Kevin Durant called out by fans for glaring Giannis Antetokounmpo omission in Bucks tweet

Kevin Durant Nets Giannis Antetokounmpo Bucks

NBA players have never faced as much scrutiny in the league’s eight decades of existence. For a guy who’s extremely active on social media like Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant, it’s not always a welcome sight.

The Nets star couldn’t even get out a congratulations to the newly crowned NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks without facing the wrath of internet sleuths.

“Nothing but respect for the Milwaukee Bucks franchise, the city of Milwaukee and those loud ass fans. Incredible playoff run fellas!”

Fans were quick to notice that there was one particular name that was conspicuously missing from the Nets superstar’s tweet: Giannis Antetokounmpo. Safe to say they didn’t keep quiet about it.

Is there any lingering animosity between Giannis and KD? We can’t really know for sure. But you might recall how there was some beef being brewed by outside voices during the Bucks-Nets series centered around some old KD vs. Giannis rumors, ones that Kevin Durant has vehemently denied.

There’s also the blatant shot that the Bucks star took against superstars joining forces to create super teams. The Nets were probably the closest within the blast radius from that truth bomb from Giannis.

Durant’s Nets were literally inches away from vanquishing the Bucks during their own playoff clash. Who knows what would have happened had KD worn a smaller shoe size. Had Brooklyn advanced instead of Milwaukee, perhaps the other members of their Big 3 would become healthy enough to play. If you add on the lengthy break between the Conference Finals and the NBA Finals, that’s an eternity of rest for a very much hobbled side.

But for now, Kevin Durant is resigned to congratulatory tweets until he gets another shot at redemption next season. The first Nets-Bucks matchup is definitely going to be must-see television.