News broke on Thursday that Kyrie Irving is finally set to return. The Brooklyn Nets have reportedly reinstated the embattled point guard for Sunday's tilt against the Memphis Grizzlies after serving out what turned out to be an eight-game suspension, including Thursday's matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Naturally, this major development garnered more than a few reactions on the mean streets of Twitter. It's also not surprising at all that Irving's reinstatement has once again proven how divided the basketball world is with regard to Kyrie's antisemitic scandal.

For starters, there were some fans who were flat-out unhappy with the Nets' decision to bring Irving back. These folks either don't believe that Irving has genuinely changed his ways or they want to get a clearer picture of exactly what the Nets star has done to make amends:

For what it's worth, it was earlier reported that both the Nets and the NBA were pleased with Kyrie Irving's actions during the process of his reinstatement, which also included several meetings with community leaders. The All-Star guard also reportedly went “above and beyond” as he tried to correct his mistake.

Of course, there were more than a few fans that showed their unwavering support for Irving:

Others were quick to point out the Kevin Durant situation amid Kyrie's suspension. KD has been doing all he can to keep the ship from sinking, but he clearly needs help.

For other fans, this was an opportunity to call out Nets owner Joe Tsai not only for his decision-making on the Kyrie front but also with regard to his supposed ties with the maltreatment of Uyghur Muslims in China:

Whichever side of the fence you may be sitting on here, the fact of the matter is that Kyrie Irving is going to be back. In terms of basketball, it is clear that the Nets need him as soon as possible. Hopefully, this is the last saga the enigmatic star is going to drag his team through this season.