There was a time when the Nets — the then-New Jersey Nets — were the kings of the Eastern Conference. Part of those dominant Nets teams was forward Richard Jefferson, who still vividly remembers the time when he and the Nets consistently devour the Boston Celtics.

Reacting to a recent quip by Celtics legend and Hall of Famer Paul Pierce about how he used to give him the business, Richard Jefferson took to social media and reminded Pierce that the Nets own Boston in the 2000s. It's hilarious to watch, to say the least, because not only did Jefferson share a backhanded compliment for Pierce by bringing up Dwyane Wade's name, but also for bringing receipts to the table, mentioning how many times the Nets had defeated Boston back then.

“Bro, we beat you 10 out of 11 times,” Richard Jefferson said. “We beat you three times in the postseason in the conference finals. You want a game, there's even a Christmas Day game here. Somebody highlight this crisp. We beat you by 40 in front of all of America, and I was the starting small forward.”

Richard Jefferson isn't a Hall of Famer, but he sure did have a HOF-quality rebuttal to that Paul Pierce comment.

Jefferson and the Nets weren't able to win an NBA championship, but they went to the NBA Finals twice, losing to the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs. So, perhaps if someone's going to take a dig at Richard Jefferson, it's got to be from someone on either of those teams that actually humbled the Nets.