Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie drew ire from social media once he revealed the word of choice that he would like to replace his last name on the back of his jersey once the NBA 2019-20 season returns. The NBA and NBPA are discussing the possibility of having players highlight social justice causes on their jerseys in Orlando.

Dinwiddie enlightened his followers on Sunday night, only to wake up to a rampage of comments questioning his choice:

Many were left puzzled at the idea, considering his Nets teammate Kyrie Irving had gone out on a limb to protest a return to play in Orlando, citing the optics of playing amid a time of civil unrest.

Dinwiddie explained his reasoning for using “Trillion” to call attention to the United States' outstanding global debt:

The Nets guard, like Irving, has been known to be a freethinker and one with plenty of brilliant ideas. He kickstarted his own movement to turn his new NBA contract into a mobile investment coin — an idea that would get his fans involved, which was heavily disputed by the league.

This economic-heavy approach tackles the root of the problem, going way beyond racism and hatred and pressing the knife on macroeconomics:

Many have hinted at doing variations of the Black Lives Matter movement slogan on their jersey or using Defund The Police as a way to bring attention to issues of police brutality:

Dinwiddie's idea goes way beyond a catchy slogan, instead asking to reinvent the system from the ground up, a task that will take a lot more than protests. To uproot the American economic system, it will take many years to get right, but none of it can start until people of all ages start to vote and demand the change they want to take place within their own communities.