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Steve Nash’s anxious feelings ahead of Nets’ ‘Big 3’ debut with Kyrie Irving vs. Cavs

Nets, Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash, James Harden, Kevin Durant

The day has finally come. Brooklyn Nets fans will finally see their star guard Kyrie Irving suit up alongside his new teammate James Harden and Kevin Durant in the matchup against one of his former teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With all of his absences from the team and the picture of him at a house party without a mask, many questioned whether Irving would even play for the remainder of the season. However, Brian Lewis of the New York Post confirmed Irving’s return as part of the Nets’ starting lineup for Wednesday’s game.

It is still hard for many to wrap their minds around the starting lineup featuring Kyrie Irving, James Harden and Kevin Durant. With all of this talent comes the responsibility to delegate tasks so that each of their talents are maximized. Head coach Steve Nash, one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game, will have to figure out a way to use the three weapons so that the Nets’ offense is unstoppable on a nightly basis.

In theory, the Nets should have no problem scoring more than 110 points a game with their roster, however, it may prove to be difficult to ensure that the three players are playing cohesively and getting each other involved.

“I am curious, for sure….Excited and curious…I’m not in a rush. Tonight if it doesn’t feel good or feel right I’m not like ‘Oh, no.’ I’m just like ‘OK, good, we got one down and we’ll take a look at it and keep working,” Nash said of the Nets’ “Big 3” debut.

Nash is hopeful to find a way to get the three stars going, but there is no doubt he has the basketball IQ to do it. The sooner these three start playing as a unit, especially with a diminished bench, the quicker the Nets will find themselves at the top of the Eastern Conference.