February hasn't been a very good month for Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant. He's been in and out of the lineup for the most part, and just recently, the former league MVP has been out of action due to a hamstring problem — something that Nets coach Steve Nash spoke about in a recent interview.

Unfortunately, Nash wasn't very specific in his update, and we're not any closer to knowing when Durant will be back in action:

Simply put, Nash doesn't know when they'll get the superstar back. Then again, the Nets have been notoriously discreet about their players' injuries, so perhaps Nash got the memo.

Be that as it may, Durant is expected to miss a few more games for Brooklyn. Hamstring injuries can be tough, and the last thing the Nets want to do is to force KD back to action too soon. This team has also earned a reputation for being extremely cautious when it comes to injuries, so you can be sure that Durant won't take the floor unless he's a hundred percent (or at least, very close).

Brooklyn has been faring relatively well without him anyway. They have won the past two games sans KD, including an impressive 128-124 comeback win against the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday. Kyrie Irving was out of action as well for that one, and it was the James Harden show. Harden (38 points, seven rebounds, 11 assists) led the charge for the Nets who came all the way back from 24 points down to defeat the Suns in Phoenix.