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Nets coach Steve Nash looks back at own history with Mavs as he speaks on Kyrie Irving-Celtics bad blood

Nets, Steve Nash, Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is not the most-loved personality right now in Boston. The Brooklyn Nets superstar isn’t doing himself any favors as well after he was seen allegedly stomping on the Celtics logo following Brooklyn’s Game 4 victory in the TD Garden.

Nets coach Steve Nash has opened up about Kyrie’s current situation with the Celtics, and the former back-to-back league MVP decided to draw from his own experience as he tried to shed some light on the matter:

“That happened to me playing Dallas in the first year,” said Nash, via Barbara Barker of Newsday. “It’s — and I don’t know if [Kyrie] feels the same way to be honest — but there is a little more to it. I spent six very important impressionable years of my career in Dallas.

“There were a lot of awkward strange feelings in that experience. I don’t know how much of that he feels. I haven’t talked to him about it. I would imagine there would be another element of closure to finish off the series.”

Nash spent the first six seasons of his career with the Dallas Mavericks before the Mavs decided to let him walk away as a free agent. Nash then signed with the Phoenix Suns where he went on to have one of the most decorated careers in franchise history.

While Irving’s situation with the Celtics is somewhat similar, Nash was actually (and still remains to be) a revered personality within the Mavs organization even after he left. Based on what we’ve seen recently, the same cannot be said about Kyrie’s current stature with the Celtics.

For Nash, however, he just hopes that Irving is able to put this fiasco behind him as soon as possible:

“I think it would be nice for him to finish this and get that whole Boston experience in a sense behind him,” said the Nets coach.

Irving and the Nets can do exactly that on Tuesday as they look to close out the series against the Celtics in Game 5. Should they succeed in doing so, then that could prove to be an important step for Kyrie in terms of finally turning a page on this chapter of his career.