Nets head coach Steve Nash assesses Kevin Durant's recent MVP form, which can scare the rest of the league.

After getting knocked out of the Eastern Conference semi-finals during an injury-riddled season last year, the Brooklyn Nets have been on a mission. Despite the continued absence of Kyrie Irving and James Harden's recent inconsistencies, the Nets are currently leading the east with a 17-8 win-loss record.

Despite Kevin Durant returning from a devastating Achilles injury last 2019, he has exceeded expectations by performing extraordinarily well to be labeled as an MVP candidate. Nash, who is a two-time MVP himself, knows what it takes to perform among the league's best and recognizes his star player's tremendous efforts.

“Kevin’s (Durant) playing an incredibly high level. Maybe the highest he’s ever played.”

Durant, who is averaging over 28 points a game this season, trumps the narrative of an Achilles injury serving as an impossible hurdle for players to return to their usual self. Indeed, Durant pretty much almost looks like the same player who won MVP back in 2014. He has been a prolific scorer throughout all areas from the floor.

Amid concerns of reagrrivating his injury, KD continues to log extended minutes for the Nets, which shouldn't be much of a concern—according to him at least. With the Nets emerging as the team to beat in the East, fans hope that a strong playoff push this season can hold off teams like the Bucks, Bulls, and Heat. Regardless of the results this year, no one can deny Durant's impressiv brilliance this season.