The Brooklyn Nets fell way short of their goals in the 2020-21 NBA season, as their star-laden roster failed to even get past the second round of the playoffs. With eyes on further improving their roster via the upcoming 2021 NBA Draft, Brooklyn is being rumored to be shopping Landry Shamet with the goal of moving up the board, according to sources of Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report.

Houston (Nos. 23, 24) and New York (Nos. 19, 21) have continued their efforts searching to jump into the teens, while Brooklyn also appears active in talks to move up from No. 27, with the Nets offering sharpshooting guard Landry Shamet, sources said.

NBA teams are obviously not fighting for the right to acquire Shamet, a decent role player, whose best asset is his outside sniping. However, he’s a low-risk, medium-reward type of investment, as he’s only going to earn $3.768 million in the 2021-22 season. Plus, he is on an expiring contract, so the Nets or a team that would potentially land him via trade before the draft could just let him walk away by the end of the next campaign.

The challenge for the Nets is to find a team willing to let go of a higher slot on the draft, which could be tricky, as it’s unlikely someone inside the top 20 would take on this deal without additional sweeteners.

Shamet is making 2.1 threes per game on  39.7% shooting so far in his NBA career.