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RUMOR: Nets’ brutal reality after Kevin Durant trade ultimatum, revealed

Nets, Kevin Durant, Texas Longhorns

Kevin Durant just issued a trade ultimatum and it’s looking like he and the Brooklyn Nets are at a point of no return. Despite that, however, don’t expect the team to fold under pressure and give in to Durant’s demands easily.

According to a league source who has spoken with Steve Bulpett of Heavy.com, the Nets are unlikely to “cave” to Durant and his demand to fire Steve Nash and Sean Marks if they want to keep him. Not only will it look bad, but it will also set a massive precedent that could have long-term negative impacts on the league.

While the same league source pointed out that they see the Nets eventually coming down to their asking price in a KD trade, it won’t be happening any time soon.

“At this point, it’s hard to see Brooklyn caving to KD on Steve and Sean. That would look really bad for them. I could definitely see them coming down a bit from all the stuff they’re asking for in a trade, but the people I’m talking to around the league think they might just wait things out,” the source said.

“They’re in a [expletive] situation, and they still have to deal with Kyrie. But for right now, they’re holding the cards.”

As mentioned, the Nets have complete control over the Kevin Durant situation since he is under contract for four more years starting this 2022-23. They could probably solve things quickly by lowering their asking price a little bit, although they don’t really have to and just simply be patient and see where things go.

For Durant’s part, there are talks around the league that he only hurt his value even more by making the trade ultimatum. While there is a legitimate threat of him sitting out the season, it remains to be seen who between him and Brooklyn will cave first.