Nets video: D'Angelo Russell gets a special mention from Antoine Grizzmann after World Cup
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Video: D’Angelo Russell gets a special mention from Antoine Grizzmann after World Cup

d'angelo russell

The ties between football and basketball remain strong. After winning the world cup, Paul Pogba and Antoine Grizzmann of France gave a special shout out to D’Angelo Russell of the Brooklyn Nets.

In the video below, Pogba is seen chilling alongside Griezmann. The two channel their inner D’Angelo Russell as they pointed to their wrists and chanted “ice in my veins.”

The 25-year-old scored one of France’s four goals against Croatia in the 2018 World Cup. Pogba, if fact, has been praised for his stellar play for his home country. It comes to a surprise because based on critics’ observation, he hasn’t played at that level with Manchester United.

Football legend Graeme Souness tried to explain Pogba’s seeming improvement with the French national team, per Owen Fulda of the Daily Star:

“I think he’s been more of a team player in this competition.”

“But when you’re playing with Matuidi and the likes of Kante I think you’d be embarrassed if you didn’t put the same shift in as them. Put it this way, do you bring Paul Pogba on in the last ten minutes if you’re 1-0 up and you’re looking to close a game down?

“You don’t do that. You bring Paul Pogba on to try and get you a goal in the last ten minutes if you’re chasing something. I think he’s indisciplined, I think that’s the kindest thing I can say about him.”

“I’ve been a critic of his back in the UK and I wouldn’t back off the things I’ve said about him, but I see a different Paul Pogba in this competition,” Souness added.