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Video: Mike Miller’s son gets revenge on Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving, Mike Miller

Revenge is a dish best served from former NBA player Mike Miller’s son.

Former Cavs teammates Miller and Kyrie Irving were hanging out two years ago, with Miller’s youngest son, Mavrick, finding himself on the losing end of a viral video that saw the All-Star point guard cross him up and leave him in the dust while playing ball on a mini-hoop.

Now, Irving is the victim as Miller, 39, shared a follow-up video. In this one, shared the next day, Irving can be seen being posterized by Miller’s son:

After dunking on the Brooklyn Nets floor general, Miller’s son got into the 27-year-old’s face, clapping and adding insult to injury.

Miller and Irving played for the NBA Finals-competing Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2014-15 season. Miller, a fifth overall pick in 2000 by the Orlando Magic, appeared in 52 games for the Cavs and nine postseason contests. Miller also spent three years with LeBron James on the Miami Heat, winning back-to-back championships.

Irving left the Cleveland franchise in 2017 and spent the last two seasons with the Boston Celtics. In the offseason, though, Irving, along with former USA Basketball teammates forward Kevin Durant and center DeAndre Jordan, decided to team up again and compete for the Nets. Irving, a former first overall pick and Rookie of the Year, signed a four-year contract with Brooklyn.

Miller also won the Rookie of the Year award two decades ago and spent the bulk of his career with the Memphis Grizzlies and Magic.