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New England Patriots: 3 positions of need to target in free agency

The New England Patriots 2019 was disappointing, and now they have a big offseason ahead to try and improve and hopefully compete for another Super Bowl. There are a lot of questions surrounding this team, including who will be their quarterback next season. This is an important 2019 offseason because there are many positions that need improvement. What positions are most crucial to attack during free agency? Let’s break it down.


Reports by Ian Rapoport of NFL Media are the Patriots are willing to offer $30 million to keep Tom Brady next season, but there is still a chance he could leave. Even if he does come back, it might make a lot of sense for the team to go after someone during free agency to be his backup.

The Tennessee Titans traded to get Ryan Tannehill, but maybe there is a guy in free agency the team could go after that could be the future after Brady leaves.

It would also give the team some options if Brady were to struggle during the season. How about bringing in a guy like Teddy Bridgewater? He would look really good long term in a Patriots uniform.

Tight End

It doesn’t matter if the team goes through the draft or free agency, but the team needs to upgrade at tight end. The team can always hold out hope that Rob Gronkowski could decide he misses football and come back, but the team shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for that happen.

They need someone to come in right away and be an impact player. Hunter Henry and Austin Hooper are both set to be free agents. IT would make a lot of sense for the team to pay up for either of these guys to get another target for Tom Brady (or whoever is the Patriots quarterback next season.)


Devin McCourty has been one of the best safeties in the league for a long time, but the team needs to start thinking about his replacement. He mas made it clear he doesn’t plan on retiring after this season, but he is set to be a free agent and could be on a new team next season.

Patrick Chung is the second safety on the roster, and he looked to have a lost a step. Even if McCourty does come back, the team could find an upgrade over Chung during free agency.

If they can improve on the back end, the play of the defense as a whole should improve.