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New NBA uniforms to add cutout of Larry O’Brien Trophy and number for championships won

A discussion of basketball culture wouldn’t be complete these days without touching on the subject of what players wear on the court. Uniforms have evolved from being a mere practical article to being a key selling point of the sport.

It has also become a vehicle for teams to brag just how many NBA titles their respective franchises have won so far.

According to Rick Noland of The Chronicle, NBA jerseys from now on will be featuring an image of the Larry O’Brien Trophy on the back. Moreover, the inside part of the threads will also be adorned with a number that signifies the championships each club has taken home.

For teams like the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, and Chicago Bulls, these jersey enhancements sound like another way of legitimizing their claim as among the most successful franchises in the NBA. It isn’t so for the Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns,  Orlando Magic, and other title-less teams but at least they could save some expenses on fabric.