Alabama wide receiver Jerry Jeudy is going to be one of the top wide receivers taken when April's draft rolls around. Jeudy very well could turn into one of the best wideouts in the NFL and it should happen rather quickly.

Jeudy is a route running master and is one of the fastest wideouts in this draft. He uses his elite route running to get past the cornerback and his speed allows him to streak down the field.

If he does have a draft-day slide it will be because of his hands. Sometimes Jeudy tries to catch the ball too close to his body and that has some scouts concerned. If he does have a draft-day slide a team that probably shouldn't have gotten him is going to pick him up. So what teams make the most sense for sense Jeudy? Let's break it down.

3. Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions have sone other big areas of concern that the team should probably address with their early first-round draft pick, but it's got to be tempting to give Matthew Stafford another playmaker.

When Stafford was healthy the offense had a lot of success, and putting Jeudy out wide would be a real headache for opposing teams trying to defend them.

2. Arizona Cardinals

Who knows what Larry Fitzgerald's status is going to be for next year and even if he does come back, Jeudy makes a whole lot of sense for this team. The way Kliff Kingsbury wants the Cardinals offense to run it's all about speed and Jeudy would be a perfect guy to come in and play right away.

He would be a deep threat for Kyler Murray that could take the top off of defenses. They could become a dynamic duo out in the desert.

1. New York Jets

The Jets could be really short-handed at wide receiver this offseason is Demaryius Thomas and Robby Anderson both decide to leave town. They are both set to be free agents this offseason and there are no indications that either player plans on staying in New York.

Jets quarterback Sam Darnold has shown some strides during his second year in the league and getting him a target on the outside like Jeudy would only elevate his game. The Jets are going to pick somewhere around ten so there is a chance he could be gone, but if he's still available, Jeudy makes a whole lot of sense.