NFL Draft news: Substantial amount of underclassmen went undrafted
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Substantial amount of underclassmen went unpicked in the 2019 NFL Draft

NFL Draft

The 2019 NFL Draft has now officially come and gone with the festivities in Nashville, Tennessee wrapping up over the weekend. However, the annual event was not kind to everyone involved as a good portion of the underclassmen that previously declared for the 2019 NFL Draft ultimately went undrafted.

More specifically, of the 144 underclassmen that originally declared for the 2019 NFL Draft, 49 of those players were unable to find teams throughout the seven-round process.

On the other hand, many believed that the 2019 NFL Draft was a major success with more than 600,000 joining in on the fun between Thursday and Saturday in “Music City.” With yet another successful event coming and going, it can be assumed that the NFL is not concerned with the number of underclassmen that went undrafted, a group that of course can go on to find a home around the league as an unrestricted free agent.

Kicking off the memorable weekend in Nashville, the Arizona Cardinals notably selected former Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray at No. 1 overall on Thursday evening. Murray, a junior at the time of his departure from the collegiate ranks, played one season for the Texas A&M Aggies before spending two seasons as a member of the aforementioned Sooners. Because Murray was also selected by the Oakland Athletics in the first round of the 2018 MLB Draft, the up-and-coming signal-caller was forced to choose between baseball and football while heading back to Oklahoma was just simply not in the cards in the end.