Tip Reiman might be trolling. Or not.

During the NFL Scouting Combine, the tight-end prospect made comments pertaining to the existence of pigeons.

“Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?” Reiman asked, per University of Wisconsin-Platteville's Owen Riese. “How do we know that power lines aren’t pigeon recharging stations?”

The 6-foot-5, 270-pound prospect is apparently part of “Birds Aren't Real,” a satirical conspiracy theory which claims that birds don't exist and are really drones built by the government to spy on people. Started by Peter McIndoe as a parody movement back in 2016, “Birds Aren't Real” grew in following over the past few years. And now, it seems to have reached the sporting world as well.

To give Reiman the benefit of the doubt, he could just be saying that to one-up his fellow prospects in the publicity department. Still, when his comments hit the internet, a flurry of reactions surfaced.

As expected, plenty of users put out Aaron Rodgers references, considering the quarterback's vocal history on conspiracy theories.

Other users were just having fun with Reiman's comments.

Reiman spent three seasons with Illinois football before declaring for the upcoming draft. In 2023, the tight end averaged 203 receiving yards and three touchdowns in 12 games played, in addition to serving as the Fighting Illini's team captain during the season.

At this year's combine, tight ends are scheduled to showcase their talents on Friday, meaning Tip Reiman is already ahead of the pack when it comes to putting his on the headlines.