Alex Smith is officially retired following a miraculous comeback to the NFL after suffering one of the worst injuries in sports history. After the Washington Football Teams had their season end, Smith hit the free-agent market where he had hoped to find a starting spot somewhere in the league.

Before hanging it up, Alex Smith had five different teams calling him about his availability, per Sports Illustrated. The Jacksonville Jaguars showed a lot of interest in signing Smith, however, they wanted him to play more of a mentor role for Trevor Lawrence. But the team’s orthopedic surgeon came back after the physical and pointed out the ‘non-union' that remained in his leg. It still had not fully healed.

Another team that showed some interest was the Houston Texans. With everything going on with Deshaun Watson right now, Smith could have been competing for a starting role. The other three teams that reached out to Alex Smith were the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, and Indianapolis Colts.

However, during a snowboarding trip with his family, Alex Smith concluded that his NFL career had come to an end. He had hoped to find a perfect ending to his football career, but it seems he already has one, per Sports Illustrated. As everyone from Joe Theismann to others said the comeback player of the year award should be named after Alex Smith. On that snowboarding trip, Smith shared his retirement with his wife first.

“I think I'm ready,” he told Liz. “I think I’m done.”

After playing in the NFL for 16 years, Smith walks away from the game with 35,650 yards, 199 touchdowns, and a 62.6% completion percentage. He's been a winner wherever he's played and finishes his career as a true leader of the sport. His return in 2020 will go down as one of the most memorable and improbable comeback stories in NFL history.