NFL news: 56 players test positive since training camp, per NFLPA
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56 NFL players test positive for COVID-19 since beginning of training camp, per NFLPA


The NFLPA announced Thursday 56 players have tested positive for COVID-19 since the beginning of training camps.

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reported the 2.2 percent positive rate is “far lower than many expected,” but also noted MLB’s outbreaks are proof early testing is not always a good indicator of player safety.

Indeed, it would seem this is a positive start. It also appears the number of positives has shrunk in each of the past two weeks, according to the NFLPA

But the absence of practicing could make it null and void, once players come into closer contact with one another.

Over 60 players decided to opt out of the 2020 campaign prior to Thursday’s deadline, with most stating health concerns with respect to COVID-19.

There is no telling what kind of impact the virus might have once practices and physical contact become the norm. It is also unknown whether NFL’s health and safety protocols will hold up or not should a breakout occur, something MLB has been criticized for ad nauseam in recent weeks.

But as of now, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell can be pleased with the dwindling number of positives and hope all 32 teams are taking the necessary precautions to ensure safety for both players and staff. He will also likely be thankful most star players are choosing to play in 2020.

Still, it is clear each team will call upon its depth in such an unprecedented season. Player opt-outs are one thing, but squads will undoubtedly have to adjust should players begin to test positive during the course of the season.