NFL news: CBS rejects Super Bowl commercial for medical marijuana company
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CBS rejects Super Bowl commercial for medical marijuana company


Not all money is good money, according to CBS, as the station just rejected a proposed Super Bowl ad from a medical marijuana company.

According to Bloomberg, the network rejected an ad from Acreage Holdings that called for the legalization of marijuana, even though the company had more than enough money to pay for the ads.

Super Bowl commercials can cost more than $5 million for 30 seconds, but it seems that wasn’t too big of a price to pay for Acreage Holdings.

However, while the Super Bowl doesn’t seem to have a problem with beer ads — despite the fact that more than 15 million people struggle with an alcohol use disorder in the United States, and less than 8% of those people receive treatment for said disorder — they do seem to have a problem with being associated with medical marijuana.

With that said, the ads — while expensive — are a good form of advertising and company promotion, as many a company who has advertised during the game has found out. On average, more than 100 million eyes can see a Super Bowl ad when it airs, and there’s also additional promotion postgame, when the particularly notable ads make the blogosphere.

As for Acreage Holdings, they said that they gave CBS an outline of what it wanted to say in the commercial, but CBS rejected it based on that outline. However, it seems as though they received the promotion they would have gotten from the Super Bowl ad simply by being rejected — which may have been the point, after all.