The Arizona Cardinals released star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins last Friday, which means he is now a free agent and allowed to sign anywhere. A plethora of teams have been linked to the veteran, including the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs, among others.

With his next move yet to be determined, D-Hop took to Twitter on Wednesday and posted this:

Hard to know what that could mean. Does Hopkins perhaps already know where he'll end up next? Or is he just riling up NFL fans? For what it's worth, his market has reportedly been rather quiet because there is a doubt as to how much Hopkins has left in the tank.

DeAndre Hopkins did just sign on with Klutch Sports and agent Kelton Crenshaw instead of representing himself, which could help free agency negotiations. Several clubs have of course been asked about their interest in the former Cardinals pass-catcher, but a variety of them appear to be content with their WR rooms.

A Super Bowl contender like the Chiefs or Bills could sign Hopkins, but he'd likely have to take a pay cut. He's searching for a salary similar to Odell Beckham Jr's with the Baltimore Ravens, where he inked a $15 million deal. It remains to be seen if Hopkins could fetch that much, though.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson expressed his desire to reunite with his former teammate on Tuesday, even though head coach Kevin Stefanski said he's happy with the wide receiver corps:

“I know there's a lot of things swirling around in the media of him possibly coming to Cleveland,” Watson told reporters at Browns OTAs. “And for me, my answer to that is of course we would love to have him. He knows that.”

There's still a lot of time for DeAndre Hopkins to find his new home. Regardless, there's little doubt he'll find a solid landing spot.