DeAndre Hopkins quickly became the top free agent available across the NFL when he was shockingly released by the Arizona Cardinals last week, and ever since then, teams have been circling him, hoping to land one of the top wide receivers in the NFL. While nothing is official yet, it's beginning to sound like the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills may have the inside track when it comes to landing Hopkins.

Prior to getting released, Hopkins made it clear that he had a list of quarterbacks he wanted to play for, with Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs and Josh Allen of the Bills being featured on that list. That already gives these two squads a decent chance to land Hopkins, but rumors are circulating that suggest this could be a race that comes down to only the Chiefs and Bills.

This isn't the most surprising revelation, as Mahomes and Allen are arguably the top two quarterbacks in the NFL, and both teams have a pressing need for more help at wide receiver. The Chiefs don't exactly have a true number one wide receiver right now, and while the Bills do have Stefon Diggs, their inability to have a standout secondary pass catcher has hampered them in recent seasons.

There are surely other teams interested in DeAndre Hopkins, and while money may play a role in his decision, it sounds like he wants to play winning football, which makes this a pretty standard update. However, the NFL is full of unpredictable twists and turns, so it will be worth keeping a close eye on Hopkins' status, as he could still conceivably end up with several different teams.