NFL news: Golden Tate responds to the Steelers trading Antonio Brown to the Raiders
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Golden Tate responds to the Steelers trading Antonio Brown to the Raiders

Golden Tate, Antonio Brown

Free agent wide receiver Golden Tate has confused the NFL world in the wake of the Antonio Brown deal with just a single tweet.

His response was on Twitter for 407k of his followers to see and encrypt by themselves.

The replies are pretty telling. A hefty minority see it as Tate questioning the trade by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mostly, people think he is calling his shot. Either way, emojis are always cryptic responses.

There is every chance in the world that Tate was just caught off guard by the terms of the deal. A third and fifth round pick seems like a light return. But, if Antonio Brown can orchestrate his whole trade via social media, Tate can job hunt the same way.

Thinking about Tate in Steelers colors makes sense in some ways, but is ridiculous in many others. For one, Pittsburgh seems to have an opening at the wide receiver position, which happens to be what Tate plays. What luck. Not to mention that Tate and Juju Smith-Schuster would make a pretty nice pair.

One of the major issues is going to be money. Tate projects as the top billing free agent wide receiver on the free agent market, and the Steelers have to eat $21.12 million in dead money for the 2019 season.

That would likely mean a contract with Pittsburgh would have to be heavily back-loaded. In fact, Tate might have to almost play for free in his first year.

Whatever the case may be, the trade is set to happen when the new league year starts.

Maybe that opens the door for Tate to become the newest Steelers receiver.