NFL news: Johnny Manziel reveals he has 'no desire' to play football
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Johnny Manziel reveals he has ‘no desire’ to play football

Johnny Manziel

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel says he has no desire to play football again. On Friday, Manziel tweeted to the XFL commissioner saying if the league wanted a rating boost, to send him a contract offer.

“Oliver Luck. If ya wanna boost your ratings to another level just send me the contract tomorrow and we’re in there. Like I said YEARS ago … XFL2020 give the people what they want.”

After sending the tweet, Manziel tweeted his deleted Twitter account. He reactivated his account the next day and revealed he didn’t have any interest in playing football again.

“Have zero desire to play any football these days. Just love stirring up controversy.”

Manziel might not have any interest in playing in the NFL, or he could just be trying to drum up some interest to try and find his way back into any football league.

Even if Manziel doesn’t have any interest, it would make a lot of sense for the XFL to see if they could somehow get him to play. The XFL is doing a lot of things right, but if they don’t start doing more, interest could start to die out.

Even if Manziel struggles, he is a polarizing figure and people tune in to watch him. When he was playing in the Canadien Football League, it was the lead story on SportsCenter, and this would also bring a lot of attention to the league. Even if they couldn’t convince him to join, there is no reason they shouldn’t be trying.