The COVID-19 virus continues to spread throughout the NFL, so the league is enhancing its COVID-19 protocols.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the NFL will be limiting the number of people at team facilities and traveling to games.

Masks will also be required for everyone on the sidelines during games.

On Monday, Chicago Bears safety Eddie Jackson and Minnesota Vikings wideout Adam Thielen were placed on the NFL’s COVID-19 reserve list. Jackson and Thielen are two of the best players in the league at their respective positions.

No one is surprised that more and more players are being placed on the COVID-19 reserve list since teams are traveling on planes from city to city and playing a contact sport. Moreover, NFL teams can’t really monitor what their players are doing in their free time.

A lot of the guys who have been placed on the COVID-19 reserve list this season were in close contact with someone who had COVID-19.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell knew this was going to happen, but he went ahead with the 2020 season anyway because of economic reasons. It’s hard to take Goodell seriously when he says the league office cares about its players and their safety, but the hope is that the new COVID-19 protocols will prevent the virus from spreading even more.