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NFL, NFLPA discuss new way to flag false positive COVID-19 tests before games


According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the NFL and the NFLPA are discussing a new way to flag false positive COVID-19 tests before regular season games.

The coronavirus pandemic has put a wrench in a lot of “normal” plans for sports. Despite that, the NFL has been able to keep a lot of things relatively similar to what they had originally planned.

The 16-game schedule is still set to be played just like it was before anything happened. Limited to no fans in most stadiums seems to be the biggest difference. And the NFL wants to keep anything else from changing.

This would be a very good step in the right direction.

In his tweet, Pelissero says the two sides are considering an option that would have “pregame” tests on Friday before Sunday games.

This would help weed out false positives, as anyone that tests positive would be able to test again on Saturday to confirm if it was a true positive or not.

For games on a different date, it is safe to assume that the tests would be conducted similarly. They would give the players a COVID-19 test two days before game day. Then all those that test positive would be able to test again the following day before the game.

While this is not a full-proof plan, it will certainly weed out some of the false positives. And that is important.

There will almost certainly be quite a few positive tests in the NFL this upcoming season. The NFL does not want an outbreak threatening to cancel the games. However, they will definitely be responsible about the pandemic too.

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