NFL news: Le'Veon Bell's trainer disputes that he's out of shape
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Le’Veon Bell’s trainer disputes that he’s out of shape

Le'Veon Bell, Steelers

Even without a football in his hands this past season, Le’Veon Bell found a way to make just as many headlines. Now, he is a free agent and free to choose whichever team he wants.

Plenty of teams will have interest in Bell if he is in shape to dominate the gridiron the way he did before last season. Enter a report detailing concerns from the New York Jets that the running back is overweight. Reportedly,  Bell weighed in at around 260 pounds, roughly 35 points over his listed playing weight.

Bell’s trainer, Pete Bommarito, says that could not be further from the truth, according to Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk.

“It’s so untrue it’s laughable and ridiculous. He has stuck to the plan and stayed in shape all year. It’s ridiculous. Where does this stuff come from? Who says this? Nobody asked me.”

Bommarito has a real point. Even if he did not know Bell or had no contact with him, it would be ridiculous. There was nobody who believed the running back didn’t want to return to the game of football. He just had a contract dispute with the Steelers. Why would he not be in shape for when the opportunity came?

It makes logical sense that a person who makes a living off of his athletic prowess would do his best to keep in shape. If he does not, he will no longer be making millions.

At the end of the day, Bell knew he would need to be in shape when he was finally able to hit unrestricted free agency. That time is now, and in all likelihood he is ready. Bommarito backed up that thought.