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NFL has many outstanding issues ahead of start of training camps, preseason

NFL, training camp

The NFL is keen on holding training camps and the preseason on time, but the league still has some kinks to work out before that’s a realistic idea. According to Sports Illustrated‘s Albert Breer, there are still many outstanding issues pertaining to training camps and the preseason.

Don Davis, who is the senior director of player affairs for the NFLPA, held a conference call on Friday to speak about the upcoming season. Among the unanswered concerns, it is still uncertain what would transpire if players wanted to opt-out for the 2020 season.

If a player opts-out for the upcoming season, the NFLPA wants to ensure that player’s contracts are still intact. Not to mention, if a player tests positive for COVID-19, whether or not it’s labeled as a football injury is undecided.

Also, despite the NFL previously agreeing on a tentative date to begin training camp, the NFLPA still hasn’t agreed to the terms. Earlier this offseason, the league set July 28 as the start date for all team’s training camps.

Above all, the joint committee the NFL and NFLPA formed believes it’s best if the league conducts a six-week ramp-up before the season. Given that, that would either eliminate the preseason or push back the beginning of the 2020 regular season.

Unless the NFL has changed their course, they intend to have two preseason games after training camps begin. At the same time, the NFLPA has been pushing for zero preseason games to take place.

Regardless of when the regular season could start, neither side has agreed on a report date for training camps. If the league wants a season to be conducted in 2020, figuring out an ideal date should be their priority right now.