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Nate Solder gives warning to NFL about upcoming season

Similar to the other major sports, there are NFL players that are concerned with conducting a season amid the coronavirus pandemic. While the league continues to discuss the specifics of the upcoming season, Nate Solder of the New York Giants sent a warning to the NFL.

With training camps set to begin later this month, the NFL is focused on holding a preseason that is made up of two games. However, the NFLPA would prefer to eliminate the preseason and hold training camps until the regular season.

Also, it was revealed earlier this week that the NFL and NFLPA formed a joint committee this offseason. The joint committee was compiled of licensed doctors and trainers that are knowledgeable of the current situation.

Instead of holding a preseason, the committee advised the NFL to have a 48-day training camp. As a result, the preseason wouldn’t be played and teams would have until Week 1 to prepare for the upcoming season.

J.C. Tretter, the NFLPA president and center of the Cleveland Browns, shared a similar sentiment as Solder. Tretter believes the NFL has failed to prioritize player safety despite the COVID-19 pandemic still going on. In turn, the veteran center believes that the league could jeopardize the chances of a Super Bowl happening next season.

Besides Solder and Tretter, Stefon Diggs has shared his doubts on the 2020 season. Provided that football is a contact sport, the NFL has to figure out how to ensure the safety of their players. With that in mind, some players don’t believe the league is doing a well enough job in achieving that.