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New information released by victim in Antonio Brown case

Antonio Brown

There was an arrest warrant issued for Antonio Brown on Wednesday following a situation involving a driver of a moving truck. Just a day after the arrest warrant was issued, new information is being released by the victim that was involved in the unfortunate event.

The allegations by the driver against Brown state that the wide receiver and another man battered him while helping him move in. As they tend to do, TMZ Sports was able to get the audio of the 911 call that the driver made to the police when the incident occurred.

“The guy is high, he smoked, he threatened me,” the driver says in an accent that sounds Russian. “He’s trying to fight, he throws stones at my truck.”

When the driver left the location, the moving company he worked for contacted Brown to receive the money they were owed. At first, they tried to get the free-agent NFL wide receiver to pay the $4,000 moving fee along with $860 in damage to the truck.

Of course, the situation escalated when Brown refused to pay the moving fee. Then, Glenn Holt—the man that was with Brown—began to assault the driver until they got the keys to the truck. Brown and Holt proceeded to illegally move items out of the truck by themselves.

Since the episode happened, Holt has been arrested for his involvement in the crime. However, Antonio Brown locked himself in his house when the police arrived to arrest him. Currently, Brown remains at his home and it remains to be seen if he joins Holt in being arrested.