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New leaked email reveals Bruce Allen’s tone-deaf comments about NFL players

Bruce Allen, Jeff Pash, NFL

The recent fiasco surrounding leaked emails takes yet another turn. All week long, leaked emails have surfaced of various NFL higher-ups, revealing racist, homophobic, and just generally tone-deaf conversations about players in the NFL. Now, another recent leak emerged, this one just as tone-deaf as the others.

TMZ was able to get a hold of some more emails from former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen and top NFL lawyer Jeff Pash. In the emails, the two had a conversation about how NFL players are unlikely to be voting. (via TMZ)

“In the 2018 email, Allen says, ‘I just got a phone call reminding me to vote in the Virginia primary before 7pm today (which I’m going to do). If NFL rules permitted NFL employees to gamble, I would bet $20.00 that less than 1% of NFL players voted in primaries this year.'”

“Pash, who’s been described as Commissioner Roger Goodell’s right-hand man, replied, ‘Maybe even take the under’ … meaning, he’d bet even less than 1% of players votes.”

Keep in mind that this conversation happened in 2018, just a few years removed from the Colin Kaepernick debacle. To insinuate that NFL players who were fighting for their rights wouldn’t vote is incredibly tone-deaf, at the very least.

This, unfortunately, might be the mildest of all of the emails that have been leaked. Allen, Pash, and former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden all had their emails revealed to the public in the past week. What followed was a stream of racist and homophobic emails talking about various players in the NFL. It’s certainly a bad look for the NFL, and it doesn’t seem like the leaks are going to stop any time soon.

What’s even worse for the image of the NFL is the fact that commissioner Roger Goodell has declined to release all of the emails as of now. There may not be anything in those emails, but the fact that the commissioner himself  is refusing to make it public means that there could be damning evidence in there. Hopefully, this situation gets sorted out soon.