NFL news: Odds on what Rob Gronkowski will do next after retiring
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Odds on what Rob Gronkowski will do next after retiring

Rob Gronkowski

Now that Rob Gronkowski has hung up his New England Patriots uniform for good, our friends at have some ideas on his next career move.

Fight in WWE +150

Under this theory — which seems to be the most likely of all theories — Rob Gronkowski would follow in the footsteps of Ronda Rousey and get in the ring with the likes of The Miz, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. Because, sure, why not?

NFL Commentator +200

A more respectable course of action would be to become a commentator for a major network on behalf of the NFL. It worked for Tony Romo and countless other players, and certainly, Gronk has an affable enough personality to make it work well for him.

Actor +500

Rob Gronkowski could go the route of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and become an actor in a film or television franchise. He might also want to host a reality show competition like Tim Tebow is doing with “Million Dollar Race.”

Host a Podcast +500

“Let’s start a podcast” is the new millennium’s “let’s start a band.” Since everyone from Dr. Phil McGraw to Chris Hardwick is hosting a podcast, why not Gronk?

Play in NFL +1000

Of course, there’s also the highly unlikely scenario that Rob Gronkowski, at the end of all of this, might suit up in the NFL again. It wouldn’t feel right for him to play without Tom Brady and Julian Edelman, though, but stranger things have happened in the wild world of sports. boasts the most extensive online sportsbook with live lines and odds on all major sporting events. Click here and use promo code CLUTCH50 for a 50% Welcome Bonus when you signup TODAY!